Tin Can Bay Sailing Club

Tin Can Bay Sailing Club- Quick and Handy Information

Tin Can Bay Sailing Club is a sailing and sports club located in Norman Point, Queensland, Australia. It promotes sailing and boating activities for both Sports and recreation purposes.

Tin Can Bay sailing clubs does many things from teaching how to start sailing, holding various events, boat storage, cruising, food, drinks, and many more.


The exact location of tIn can ban Sailing Club is this, 

Latitude 25 54.09’S, Longitude 153 00.86’E


Lot 98 Norman Point, The Esplanade Tin Can Bay, QLD, Australia 4580

It is situated 50 km northeast of Gympie and 8 nautical miles from Inskip Point.

About the Club

Tin Can Bay was formed on the 28th of June, 1981 with 18 members who attended the first meeting. Clarrie and Denis Nobble were the 1st Commodore and Treasurer elected by the committee.

It organized several sailing races and boating competitions over time. Some of them are

  • Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay Race
  • Cooloola Cup
  • Intercity Spring Regatta
  • Wooden Boat Regatta

Apart from organizing these races it also hosted several races like

  • Sailboard Grand Prix
  • Australian Flying Fifteen Nationals
  • South Queensland Sabot Association River Titles

Two races that are still organized by the club to date are the Tin can Bay to Hervey race and the Cooloola Cup.

Tin Can Bay to Hervey Bay Race:

The club’s first sailing Race Tin can bay to Hervey bay Race started in 1981 and now it is the second most popular race in Australia.

Cooloola Cup: The first Cooloola cup was held in 1981 with 38 boats participating in the race.


Food & Drinks:

Sails, Bar & Bistro

Tin Can Bay Club has a fine restaurant Sails, bar, and Bistro which serves delicious buffet breakfast and local seafood and Italian Cuisine for Lunch and Dinner. You can enjoy a mouthwatering breakfast. Lunch or dinner with a great view of the water and nature.

It is open for guests from 7.30 AM to 8.00 PM in the night 7 days a week.

Wide Bay Bar

Get the best Australian beers, wine, and drinks at Wide bay Bar.

Hardstand Boat Storage

Secure Dry Boat storage is available for its members for the short and long term. You can store your yacht, boats, dinghies, tenders, trails, and vessels of varied sizes.

The charges for long term storage for its members are-

  • $67/per meter of Boat Length  if paid annually in advance
  • $75/per meter Of Boat Length if paid bi-annually(6 months) in advance

If you want short term storage then the price will be as follows,

  • $5 Per Day for Vehicles
  • $10 Per day For vehicle and Trailer

Events and Activities

At the Tin can bay club you can participate in their yearly sailing races, boating competitions, sailing training programs, and also enjoy fishing & boating activities, hire a canoe & dinghy, swimming pool, dragon boating, cycling treks, shooting, tennis, golf, bowling, riding horses and more.

Membership at Tin can Bay Sailing Club

Members at Tin can Bay Sailing Club enjoy a lot of benefits and perks from time to time. If you want to be part of the club you have to fill in the application form, deposit the fees and you are good to go.

The annual membership calendar at the club starts on the 1st of July and ends on the 30th of June.

There are 6 types of members at the club,

  • Full Membership– There are 3 types of Full Membership with Voting Rights
    • Competitive sailing-The ones who participate in Competitive sailing-$140 per Year Sees
    • Non Competitive Sailing– one who cruises as a recreation activity- $70 Per year Fees
    • Hardstand Storage– Ones who store their boat, yacht, or vessel at the club- $140 per Year Fees
  • Junior Members– Kids whose age is less than 18 but participate in Sailing activities- $40 per year fees
  • Social Members– The fee are $15 per member per year and they don’t have any voting rights
  • Visiting membership– Anyone introduced and signed by a current Member can be a visiting member.
  • Affiliate Membership– If you belong to any of these affiliated clubs below then you enjoy the equivalent of social membership. The affiliated clubs are
    • Cooloola Dragon Boat Club Inc
    • SAILAABILITY Tin Can Bay Inc
  • Temporary Membership– temporary membership is given to participants of different sailing races and competitions at a fee of $15. This fee covers participation in 3 races.

Reciprocal Membership Rights

There are some clubs whose members enjoy the status of club members under reciprocal rights. They can participate in club events and use club facilities as members of the club. The same applies to Tin can Bay members in these clubs.

These clubs are

Affiliated Clubs

Affiliated clubs work closely with each other and members of both clubs enjoy a few benefits from the association. Some of these affiliated clubs of Tin can Bay Sailing Club is

  • Cooloola Dragon Boat Club Inc- A Boating club that promotes dragon boating and believes in communal harmony. They run training sessions every Thursday and Sunday for beginners.
  • SAILAABILITY Tin Can Bay Inc- A non-profit club that works solely for disabled people to make them sailable. The volunteers of the club help physically disabled persons to go in the water and enjoy sailing.

The club members of these affiliated clubs enjoy a free membership equivalent of Social Membership at Tin Can Bay Sailing Club.

Tin Can Bay Yacht Club Menu

Tin can Bay Yacht Club breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu includes seafood, Italian Cuisine, Australian Local delicacies, Australian Beer, Wine, branded spirits. The bar and restaurant also host live music and special attraction from time to time. It can also be booked for private parties.

Sails Bar and Restro is an Italian-style restaurant serving cafe-style breakfasts, pizzas, pasta, coffee, hot and cold drinks, cakes, and desserts.

Tin Can Bay Motel

If you want to stay by Tin Can Bay then there are many good options like motels, Hotels, Camping, caravan, luxury villas, apartments, etc. Some of the good motels available in the area are

  • Sleepy Lagoon Hotel
  • Sandcastle Motel
  • Tin Can Bay Motel

Tin Can Bay Boating

At the Tin can Bay club you can hire boats, houseboats, dinghies, canoe, and enjoy fishing or boating. You can hire Ton can bay houseboats from the Norman point and Rainbow Beach Houseboats from the Carlo Point.

Tin Can Bay On Social Media

Tin can bay is present on social media too. Here is the link to its 

Facebook Account

Tin Can Bay Events

Tin can Bay Club holds many events that include sailing races, boating competitions each year. Some of them are

  • Bay to Bay Yacht Race (April- May each year)
  • Cooloola Cup (May each year)
  • Dragon Boat Regatta (July each year)
  • Rainbow Beach Fishing Classic (July each year).
  • Winter Sprint Series (July-August)
  • School Holiday Junior Sailing(January)
  • Trailer Sailer Event (March)

Apart from these events the club also holds races every year from January to August Month. They happen in different groups and dates starting from the month of January and generally end in August.

Tin Can Bay Marina

The tin Can bay a marina is a wonderful place for the storage of your boat. It has got facilities, villas for staying and berths for the storage of your yacht or boat.

Clubs In Tin Can Bay

Some of the clubs that are located nearby Tin can Bay are

  • Cooloola Coast Bowls Club
  • Tin Can Bay Country Club
  • Tin Can Bay Yacht Club and
  • Tin Can Bay RSL Queensland

Things to Remember at Tin Can Bay Sailing Club

  • The club is a non-smoking area so you can not smoke in the club and surrounding area.
  • You are not allowed to put anchor within the Snapper Creek Boat Harbour(you can hire a berth at Tin Can Bay Marina) or at the club

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